White Chapel Lightroom Preset

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This is a preset that can be applied with Adobe Lightroom as a starting point for your own editing. As this is the very first preset on this website it is 50% off for a limited time. Use the code  “gethyped10” at checkout to get additional 10% off.



“White Chapel” is a preset for Adobe Lightroom that is meant to give your images a warm lighting ambiance.

Even though this preset is called “White Chapel”, it also creates stunning results on various other kinds of images such as wildlife or portrait shootings to add “this little extra touch of light” and warm colors.

All  presets available on this site are designed to work for a large variety of images “out of the box”. You might want to adjust especially the “exposure” slider after applying the preset to make it fit with your image. You require Adobe Lightroom CC/Classic or CC Mobile (free).



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