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Dr. Tobias Baur, Skógafoss, Iceland

Since 2020 I’m registered (currently in progress, as of February 2020) as  spare-time freelancer.

While I consider AI research my main competence and main profession, I find balance and passion  in  nature, wildlife and artistic portrait photography.  In recent months I was fortunate to grow quite a following on social media, considering I’m investing most of my energy in a full-time job and I am by far not a main-profession travel photographer/influencer whatsoever. I’m thankful for the many active, engaged and passionate followers and inspiring people on this platform that encouraged me to improve my photography skills. I’m currently open for cooperations in multiple directions such as product and portrait shootings, social marketing, travel projects etc. 





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I am also a licensed drone pilot with an official general start-permission for drones up to 25kg assigned by the Luftamt Südbayern.

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